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Guatemala Trip Planning

Trips and information for travelers planning a Guatemala vacation.

Guatemala Events and Festivals
Guatemala events and festivals: Guatemala is vibrant and colorful by nature, but during these Guatemala events and festivals, the country blooms with life.

  • Compare rates on flights to Guatemala City, Guatemala (GUA)

Travel Safety in Guatemala
An overview of travel safety and security in Guatemala.

Guatemala Travel - Top Guatemala Travel Spots
Guatemala Travel: Share your favorite Guatemala travel spots!

Guatemala Weather
Guatemala Weather: All about weather in Guatemala for travelers.

Guatemala Attractions
Attractions in Guatemala for every type of traveler.

Guatemala Dos and Don'ts
A list of dos and don'ts for Guatemala travel.

Flights to Guatemala
Flights to Guatemala: Flying to Guatemala.

Belize Guidebooks
Heading to Belize? Here's a selection of Belize travel guides.

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