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Ex-Pat Groups in Costa Rica

Organizations in Costa Rica for Foreigners


Foreigners living in Costa Rica will find comfort in numbers. There are an estimated 600,000 Ex-Patriots; the largest immigrant group in Costa Rica being the Nicaraguans, followed by the North Americans and Panamanians.

There are a number of social/special interest groups helping connect the growing community of English-speaking foreigners in Costa Rica. Most groups are based in the Central Valley.

The Womens Club of Costa Rica (WCCR): With more than 70 years in the country, the WCCR is the largest group among women abroad. Its members include English-speaking Costa Ricans, Canadians, Europeans and Americans. A social and charitable organization, WCCR runs educational seminars and morning teas, sponsors university scholarships and helps foreigners through the transition to Costa Rica. WCCR has a number of subgroups that focus on themes such as cooking, hiking, reading, etc. 

Web site: www.wccr.org

Professional Women’s Network (PWN): An outgrowth of the Womens Club of Costa Rica, the Professional Women’s Network is a networking and professional development group for working women. The growing organization hosts educational seminars, happy hour events and professional development seminars. Members include business owners, nonprofit leaders, entrepreneurs, teachers and corporate executives (among others.)

Web site: http://www.facebook.com/pages/Professional-Womens-Network-Womens-Club-of-Costa-Rica/134514626592466

Association of Residents of Costa Rica (ARCR): The ARCR is dedicated to helping foreigners make the transition abroad. With seminars in how to buy property, how to get your residency and how to retire in Costa Rica; the ARCR is the go-to source for those who need help and guidance in the moving process. In addition to relocation and immigration services, this organization also has a business network.

Web site: http://www.arcr.net/index.html

Canadian Club of Costa Rica: A 200-member strong network, this organization encourages interchange among Canadian residents and businesses in Costa Rica with Christmas parties, annual Canadian day celebrations, monthly meetings and charitable events.

Web site: http://www.canadianclubcr.com/

The Little Theatre Group: For those interested in theatre and the arts, this is the group to get involved in. In addition to its four productions each year (all in English), the LTG sponsors school drama festivals, takes productions to remote areas of the country and hosts Open Houses the first Monday of each month at 7 p.m. with improvisational drama games and other activities.

Web site: http://www.littletheatregroup.org

Escazú Christian Fellowship: This is a dynamic group of non-denominational Christians, who meet every Sunday at 5 p.m. in Escazú. In addition to providing support networks and undertaking volunteer projects, this congregation also hosts monthly dinners and events during the holidays.

Web site: http://www.ecfcr.net/index/Welcome.html

Democrats Abroad in Costa Rica: Meeting the last Saturday of every month in the Holiday Inn downtown, this group of politically-active foreigners hosts speakers on political issues in Costa Rica and the United States. They also sponsor a campaign to register absentee voters.

Web site: www.democratsabroad.org/group/costa-rica

The PC Club: This is a group of Ex-Pats gathering at the Panamerican School in Belén on the third Saturday of each month. During the meetings, attendees are exposed to helpful classes in computer and online use. The meetings include a free software and hardware clinic to solve any problems that members have.

Web site: www.pcclub.net

American Legion: There are several American Legion posts serving veterans in Costa Rica. Join in Bingo nights, cookouts or memorial day observations throughout the calendar year.

Web site: http://www.legion16cr.com/

Alcohol Anonymous: The English-speaking Alcohol Anonymous has groups located throughout the country.

Web site: http://www.costaricaaa.com/

Quaker Friends Peace Center: A center for peace and promotion of the Quaker tradition of non-violence, this group hosts frequent meetings and rallies in support of the development of societies characterized by equality, justice, freedom of expression and opportunity.

Web site: http://www.amigosparalapaz.org/

For more information on connecting with other foreigners, visit The Weekend section of The Tico Times. For additional clubs and societies, visit TicoTimes.com.

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