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Nicaragua Guidebooks

Top Nicaragua Travel Guides


Considering a trip to Nicaragua? Great choice. Nicaragua is diverse, physically stunning and extremely affordable. It's also presently one of the safer countries in Central America. There are plenty of Nicaragua guidebooks available for purchase, perfect for sticking in your backpack or suitcase, or downloading on your ebook reader. Here are a few of the best Nicaragua travel guides.

1. Lonely Planet Nicaragua

Lonely Planet travel guidebooks are typically geared toward budget and moderate-level travelers. This particular travel guide, published in 2009, is detailed but already feels a bit dated. We're keeping an eye out for an updated version.

"Lonely Planet knows Nicaragua. This 2nd edition helps you build the perfect itinerary, whether it includes climbing a volcano on the Isla de Ometepe, strolling through colonial Granada and Leon, drinking organic coffee at sunrise on a cooperative farm, or watching perfect waves crash onto an empty beach. Lonely Planet guides are written by experts who get to the heart of every destination they visit."

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2. Moon Nicaragua

Moon makes some of our favorite Central America guidebooks, and Moon Nicaragua is a great addition to the library. The guidebook authors know Nicaragua extremely well, and it shows in the comprehensiveness of the text.

"Nicaragua experts Randall Wood and Joshua Berman teach travelers how to best experience the wonders of this Central American destination, from hanging out on the Pacific beaches of San Juan del Sur and shopping for crafts in Masaya to catching up on the ever-evolving nightlife of Managua. Wood and Berman also offer unique trip ideas, such as Hiking the Ring of Fire and The Great Green North. Including experienced advice on volunteering, studying Spanish, hiking over a dozen volcanoes, and strolling down the old colonial streets of Granada and Leòn, Moon Nicaragua gives travelers the tools they need to create a more personal and memorable experience."

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3. Moon Living Abroad in Nicaragua

Nicaragua is growing more and more popular among ex-pats and long-term travelers who love Central America, but don't have the budget to settle in more expensive countries like Costa Rica or Belize. Moon Living Abroad in Nicaragua is an indispensible guidebook for people looking to live in Nicaragua, for a few months, years, or forever.

"Central America experts Joshua Berman and Randall Wood know what it takes to make the move to Nicaragua — both have left the U.S. to make their homes there. In Moon Living Abroad in Nicaragua, they share their firsthand advice on transplanting to Nicaragua, ensuring that you have all the tools you need to navigate the ins and outs of the moving process."

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4. Footprint Nicaragua Handbook

Footprint Nicaragua is an extremely comprehensive Nicaragua guidebook that covers options for travelers of every budget.

"Escape the crowds and uncover one of the best kept secrets of Central America with Footprint's 4th edition of Nicaragua Handbook… Packed with information on all the main attractions as well as detailed information on the dozens of activities and adventures that will help you get off the beaten track, Footprint’s Nicaragua Handbook will help you get to the heart of this intriguing country."

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5. The Surfer's Guide to Costa Rica & SW Nicaragua

Nicaragua is amazing for surfers. Costa Rica, too, of course, but Nicaragua offers the same of better waves on a surf bum budget. The Surfer's Guide to Costa Rica & SW Nicaragua is a great guidebook for locating those world-class breaks.

"The most detailed, most current and best selling surf guide to Costa Rica, now includes Central America's new surfing hot spot, Nicaragua. Features over 100 surf spots on both the Pacific and Caribbean coasts and over 100 hotels, condos, surf camps and other rentals nearest the surf breaks… Not a coffee table picture book or pocket guide. This is a comprehensive, down-and-dirty, backpack ready surf guide for surfers planning their Costa Rica and Nicaragua surf trips."

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