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Although Belize is docked upon Central America's mainland, it’s an island of diversity. The country’s tiny fingernail of land is a natural and cultural wonderland, a thriving swirl of jungles, rivers, and beaches peopled by Mayans and the Garifuna. Yet travelers spend as much time off the coast, among Belize's brilliant waters, far-flung cayes, and the second largest barrier reef in the world.
  1. Ambergris Caye (6)
  2. Belize Maps & Facts (5)
  3. Belize Trip Planning (13)
  4. Caye Caulker (4)
  5. Cayo & Western Belize (7)
  6. Other Belize Cayes & Atolls (6)
  7. Other Belize Travel Resources (4)
  8. Placencia (6)
  9. The Maya Ruins of Belize (6)
  10. Toledo & Southern Belize (10)

Backpacking in Belize
Backpacking in Belize: the top budget travel destinations for backpackers in Belize, Central America.

Belize Travel: Before You Go
A travel guide to Belize, Central America's true Caribbean nation.

The Belize Cayes
The islands of Belize -- known as the Belize Cayes -- are easily accessible Caribbean islands that boast some of the world's best diving.

Belize Photo Gallery
Our Belize Photo Gallery lets you enjoy Belize's beauty through the eyes of various photographers, with photos ranging from Mayan ruins of Altun Ha and Lamanai to the white sands of Ambergris Caye.

Belize Food and Drink
Belize Food and Drink: all about Belize food and Belize beverages, from cassava bread to frothy seaweeds. Come sample some Belize cuisine!

Photos of Belize City, Belize
Photos of Belize City, Belize's Capital city.

The Maruba Resort & Jungle Spa in Belize
Maruba Resort & Jungle Spa in Belize: Visit the Maruba Resort in Belize, where jungle fantasties come true.

Tropic Air: Aerial Photos of Belize
Photos of Belize from Tropic Air airplanes. These aerial photos of Belize span the coasts, cities and countryside -- book a Tropic Air flight in Belize and see for yourself!

Belize Photo Gallery - Lost in Translation!
Belize's official language is English. However, many of its people speak Garifuna, Spanish, and Creole dialects. Here are some images of colorful, and often peculiar Belizean signs and storefronts.

Adventures in Belize
Guide to memorable adventures in Belize.

Belize Adventures
A selection of adventures in Belize.

Belize Wildlife Refuges - Wildlife Sanctuaries in Belize

Flights to Belize
Information on international flights to Belize in Central America.

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