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Photo Gallery: Mayan Ruins of Lubaantun, Belize

Pictures of the Lubaantun ruins -- where the crystal skull was found.


Our Lubaantun photo gallery includes pictures of the ancient Mayan ruins of Lubaantun in Toledo, Southern Belize. Lubaantun means "place of the fallen rocks" in a modern Mayan dialect. Famously, Lubaantun is said to have been the discovery site of the famous Mitchell-Hedges Crystal Skull.

Belize's Lubaantun ruins are the largest in Southern Belize, and boast a number of unique characteristics. Among them are the hand-cut black slate and limestone bricks of Lubaantun's structures, carved to fit together like jigsaw pieces without mortar binding them together. The structures also possess rounded corners. Red paint can still be seen on some of the ancient bricks.

Lubaantun is thought to have been a ceremonial center for the Mayans of Southern Belize. Three ball courts and spectators' thrones are the most prominent features of the Lubaantun ruins. Many ceramic artifacts, such as whistles, were found during Lubaantun's excavation.

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