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The Ka'ana Boutique Resort & Spa in San Ignacio, Cayo, Belize


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A Ka'ana Goodbye -- Plant a Tree!
The Ka'ana Boutique Resort & Spa in San Ignacio, Cayo, Belize

The Ka'ana Hotel, Cayo, Belize

Kirsten Noelle Hubbard
Beloved Ka’ana detail: Conservational contributions.

A stroll through Ka’ana Resort reveals the value the Cayo hotel places on its environment. Organic gardens produce fresh ingredients for Ka’ana’s restaurant. The forested grounds provide homes to swooping butterflies and chattering birds.

Ka’ana invites its guests to continue the legacy by planting a tree upon departure. Near the hotel lobby, a row of sapling ginger trees was propped up for our choosing, the hole already dug. Together, my almost-husband and I stuck the tree in the ground and covered its roots in dirt.

It’s nice to know that, with this little tree, I had some kind of effect on Ka’ana – because certainly the Ka’ana Boutique Resort & Spa had an effect on me.

Contact the Ka'ana Boutique Resort & Spa.

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