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Why Belize?

Reasons You Should Travel to Belize


Belize Travel

Belize Travel

Kirsten Hubbard
Wondering why you should travel to Belize? In this series, we explore the reasons you should travel to each country in Central America. These are a few of the most exciting and unique aspects of Belize travel.

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Belize is Small
Belize's small size means it's easy to navigate, and even to master. The infrastructure is decent, with a simple, paved highway system leading to the primary Belize destinations. A few, like the Caracol ruins, are more difficult (even onerous) to get to. But what's the fun of travel without a few attractions off the beaten path?

Belize is Diverse
Okay, every Central America country is pretty diverse. But for such a tiny country, Belize is a melting pot unlike any other. Belize is home to mestizos, Garifuna, indigenous Mayans, American and European ex-pats, Chinese, Germanic Mennonites, and more. It's reflected in Belize cuisine, Belize holidays and festivals, and the welcoming attitudes of the Belizean people.

The Central America Caribbean
Belie has been called the only true Central American Caribbean nation. While other Central America countries that border the Caribbean – like Costa Rica, Honduras and Nicaragua – all have regions with distinct Caribbean culture, in Belize it permeates the entire country, from music to cuisine.

Belizeans Speak English
Belize's national language is English, due to its history as a British Commonwealth. While Belizeans speak many other languages, from indigenous Mayan dialects to Kriol (Belize's unofficial language) to Spanish, almost everyone in the country speaks English. This makes it extremely easy for travelers to get around. Unlike other Central American countries, no Spanish is necessary for Belize travel (though it helps along the Guatemalan border).

The Belize Dollar
The Belize Dollar is anchored to the United States Dollar at two to one. In other words, a dollar beverage costs fifty cents US. It makes conversions extremely easy. What's more, almost every place in Belize accepts US dollars, so exchanging isn't necessary.

Belize Food and Drink
Sure, it ranges, but generally I've found Belize cuisine fantastic. Seafood is so fresh, and tropical fruits are so varied (and inexpensive), and because of Belize's aforementioned diversity, the resulting cuisine is a often-surprising blend of the country's many cultures.

Belize's Mayan Ruins
Belize is a land of numerous Mayan ruins, including Altun Ha, Xunantunich, Lamanai, Caracol and many more. In fact, Mayan ruins are accessible on a day-trip basis from almost any spot in Belize.

Belize's Natural Attractions
Cave tubing in Belize's Caves River Branch is one of those attractions that really is as cool as it sounds (unless you're afraid of the dark. Or caves). In Belize's western Cayo District, eco-tourists will find everything from dense forests to crashing waterfalls, perfect for hiking, kayaking, white water rafting, horseback riding and more. Belize is also home to many wildlife refuges and sanctuaries, like Cockscomb Basin – the world's first jaguar preserve – and Crooked Tree, a birdwatcher's dream. The Belize Caribbean is stunning, overwater and under, not least because of the Belize Barrier Reef (part of the second-largest barrier reef in the world). Which leads me to…

The Belize Islands
There are hundred of Belize islands, known as cayes (pronounced "keys"). The range from tiny islets populated by a couple palms, to medium-sized island retreats, like South Water Caye and Caye Caulker, to the largest of them all: Ambergris Caye. San Pedro Town, Ambergris's largest settlement, is a fun, boisterous city and one of Belize's top destinations.

The Great Blue Hole
Have you seen pictures of it? Truly wild.

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