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Getting Married in Costa Rica

All about getting married in beautiful Costa Rica!


Getting Married in Costa Rica

Getting Married in Costa Rica

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Thinking about getting married in Costa Rica?

You’re in good company. According to About.com’s Guide to Romantic Getaways, as many as 25 percent of couples choose to travel to exotic locations to hold a destination wedding. Getting married in Costa Rica has become one of the most popular choices for grooms and brides-to-be.

Truly, there’s nothing like a shared vacation in a beautiful locale to start off a marriage. Costa Rica’ s exquisite beaches and jungle hideaways offer that possibility. What could be more romantic strolling barefoot through the sand on a Costa Rica beach, holding a bouquet of tropical flowers, and saying your vows in front of a Pacific coast sunset?

Marriage Requirements in Costa Rica

From paperwork to passports, rules and requirements for marriage are different in every destination.
Learn what you’ll need to make your Costa Rica marriage official.

Costa Rica Wedding Hotels & Resorts

You’d decided to have your destination wedding in Costa Rica. Now, the next step is deciding where in Costa Rica to hold it!
Find a Costa Rica hotel or resort for your wedding.

Costa Rica Wedding Coordinators & Wedding Planners

Deciding to hold a destination wedding in Costa Rica means you won’t be around to monitor every detail of the ceremony. That’s why finding a good Costa Rica wedding coordinator is a necessity, especially if you’re not getting married in a Costa Rica resort or hotel.
Find a Costa Rica wedding coordinator.

Wedding Traditions in Costa Rica

Some couples simply transplant wedding traditions from home. Others choose to implement Costa Rica wedding traditions.
Learn more about wedding and marriage traditions in Costa Rica.

Costa Rica Wedding Photographers

Top-shelf wedding photography is crucial in any wedding. But when you’re heading to Costa Rica for a destination wedding, finding a talented wedding photographer can be a little more difficult. Search for a Costa Rica wedding photographer.

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