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Costa Rican Spanish Words and Phrases

Talk like a Tico with these Costa Rica Spanish language tips


Interested in learning Costa Rica Spanish? If you’ve traveled to multiple Spanish-speaking countries, you’re probably aware that each had its own set of particular idioms, slang and exclamations, and they don’t always cross borders. In celebration of Central America’s most popular destination, we’ve provided you with a short crash course of words and phrases endemic to the Costa Rica Spanish language

Costa Rican Spanish words and phrases:

  • Tico: A Costa Rican man; plural (Ticos), Costa Rican people
  • Tica: A Costa Rican woman
  • Macho/Macha: A blond North American or European
  • Pura Vida: Literally, pure life; full of life; perfect
  • Tipico: Native-style, i.e. Comida Tipica (traditional food)
  • Soda: A basic Costa Rican café
  • Dolor de Jupa: Headache
  • Pachanga: Party
  • Muy Helado: Very cold or freezing
  • Saludes: Greetings
  • Grosero: Rude
  • Guila: A Kid
  • Comedera: Food or groceries
  • Idiay: Hello! What’s new?
  • Jumo, Enjumado: Drunk
  • Engomado: Suffering from a hangover
  • Pulperia: Corner store
  • Salado: Too bad!
  • Andar de Tanda: Bar-hopping
  • Que Polo: How lame!
  • Buena Nota: Cool or all right
  • Que Cuentos: Yeah Right
  • Boca: Literally, mouth; A small appetizer
  • Mae: A guy
  • Chunche: Thing (a placeholder)

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