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Hotel Indigo San Jose Forum in San Jose, Costa Rica

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Hotel Indigo San Jose Costa Rica

Hotel Indigo San Jose Costa Rica

Kirsten Hubbard

The Bottom Line

For those who seek intimacy along with city luxury, the well-designed Hotel Indigo in San Jose, Costa Rica stands out among urban boutique hotels.


  • Striking, modern design mixed with outdoor elements
  • Perfect for business travelers craving an intimate setting
  • Located near both San Jose forums and close to the international airport


  • Quite a distance from the heart of San Jose, but a reasonable cab ride away


  • Del Centro Empresarial Forum 2
    150 Mts. Sur y 50 Mts. Oeste
    Escazu 10903, Costa Rica
  • Reservations: 1-877-859-5095
  • www.hotelindigo.com

Guide Review - Hotel Indigo San Jose Forum in San Jose, Costa Rica

Hotel Indigo San Jose is a luxury boutique hotel in San Jose, Costa Rica, the first Hotel Indigo in Central America. Marrying the modern with the natural, it serves as an haven of natural beauty in the busy capital.

Every bedroom boasts one of several different photo murals – giant orchids, or a forest scene – encompassing a wall beside the bed. They might be a little much in many hotels, but in the urban jungles of Costa Rica, they fit just right. Other vast photo murals are located throughout the hotel: rainforests decorate the gym walls, and the gigantic image of a waterfall tumbles into the sleek outdoor swimming pool. The likeness of a nautilus shell is repeated throughout the hotel, representing the underlying geometry in nature's wonder.

Other hotel amenities include a 24-hour fitness center, and dining at the Golden Bean restaurant, which dishes up both international and local Costa Rican favorites with a gourmet edge.

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