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Costa Rica Marriage Requirements


Costa Rica Marriage Requirements

Costa Rica Marriage Requirements

Costa Rica Marriage Requirements:

Embarking on a legal Costa Rica marriage isn’t as simple as showing up and saying your vows. Here are the steps you need to take to make your Costa Rica marriage official.

What will I need?:

At least one month before your wedding in Costa Rica, you’ll need to email your on-site wedding coordinator all your basic information—such as profession, passport number, mailing address, and place and date of birth—and a scanned copy of your passport. Make sure you bring your passport to the ceremony itself.

What if I’ve been married before?:

If a woman has been married before, she must wait 300 days after her divorce or the death of her husband to remarry in Costa Rica. To prove this, she must provide an official copy of the divorce decree or death certificate.

According to worldheadquarters.com, the 300-day regulation is an archaic law, designed to ensure the bride isn’t pregnant with her previous husband’s child. If she can’t wait 300 days, she must undergo multiple pregnancy tests, and obtain a chain of official signatures.

Will I need a witness?:

To make your Costa Rica marriage valid, you’ll need two witnesses who aren’t family members to the third degree — that means no grandparents, nieces and nephews, or half-siblings. It’s best to bring friends (or invite lucky strangers!)

How long will it take for my marriage to be official?:

After your Costa Rica destination wedding, it will take about three months for the paperwork to process so your Costa Rica marriage can be valid back home. A rush option is available, for a fee.

Read more about Costa Rica marriage requirements at WorldHeadQuarters.com.

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