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Coca Cola Bus Terminal in San Jose Costa Rica


Coca Cola Bus Terminal in San Jose Costa Rica

The Coca Cola Bus Terminal - San Jose

Kirsten Noelle Hubbard
The Coca Cola Bus Terminal is the main bus terminal in San Jose, Costa Rica, and the major hub of the entire Costa Rica bus system. It stands on the spot of Costa Rica’s first Coca Cola bottling plant – hence the name.

Costa Rica Bus Travel:

The Costa Rica bus system is the most practical and inexpensive mode of transportation in Costa Rica. If you’re traveling by bus in Costa Rica, catching a bus in San Jose’s Coca Cola bus station is almost unavoidable. Hustle and bustle at the busy terminal is also unavoidable, but basic Spanish knowledge will make buying your ticket (cash only) and catching your bus pretty straightforward.

Coca Cola Bus Terminal Safety:

Be aware that the Coca Cola Bus Terminal is located in San Jose’s Coca Cola district– also called the Zona Roja, or the Red Light District of San Jose. Zona Roja is one of San Jose’s most notorious areas for pickpocketing and petty theft. Much of this crime is directed towards tourists and travelers, especially in and around the San Jose bus terminal itself. Keep an eye on your bags and backpacks at all times, and keep your passport and important document in an underclothes money belt. Don’t let anyone else watch or handle your baggage.

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San Jose Bus Schedules:

The best Costa Rica bus schedule I’ve found is through the Costa Rica Toucan Guides website. However, the timetables of buses in Costa Rica are definitely erratic. It pays to arrive at the San Jose bus station early – but be prepared to wait!

Bus Terminal Location:

The Coca Cola Bus Terminal is located at Calle 16 and Avenidas 1 through 3 in San Jose, Costa Rica.

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