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Corcovado National Park in Costa Rica


Corcovado National Park

A Corcovado National Park Kinkajou!

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Corcovado National Park Overview:

Corcovado National Park in Costa Rica is located on the Osa Peninusla, on Costa Rica’s southern Pacific coast. Though Corcovado is farther off the well-trod tourist path than say, Manuel Antonio, the national park’s copious biodiversity rewards its visitors exponentially. In fact, National Geographic called the Osa Peninsula "the most biologically intense place on Earth.”

Corcovado is also home to some of the most immaculate beaches in Costa Rica, perfect for pitching a tent and spending a night outdoors in oceanfront tranquility.

Corcovado National Park Admission:

$8 US.


Corcovado Costa Rica is 263 square miles.


Corcovado Costa Rica is composed of lowland tropical rainforest, as well as mangrove, swamp forest, cloud forest, and more.


Corcovado National Park is superlative for encounters with Costa Rica wildlife. The park is home to more than 100 reptile and amphibian species (including crocodiles and the translucent glass frog), 139 mammal species (ten percent of the mammal species in the Americas, including jaguars, bats, big cats, tapirs and squirrel monkeys), and over 400 bird species – 20 of which are endemic to Corcovado Costa Rica. The park also boasts the largest population of scarlet macaws in Central America.

Getting to Corcovado National Park:

The towns of Puerto Jimenez (on the east coast of the Osa Peninsula) and Drake Bay are near Corcovado National Park’s main points of entry, La Leona and San Pedrillo. The park’s headquarters are the largest ranger station, Estacion Sirena.

Corcovado Costa Rica Travel Tips:

Night hikes through Corcovado National Park can be arranged in Puerto Jimenez. If you’re lucky, you might come across a tapir – one of nature’s oddest-looking mammals.

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