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NatureAir: the Carbon Neutral Costa Rica Airline


NatureAir: the Carbon Neutral Costa Rica Airline

Above Manuel Antonio

Costa Rica airline NatureAir is a twofold champion of the Central America skies. Besides providing Costa Rica travelers with low-cost, efficient flight service between popular Costa Rica destinations, the airline is an environmental trailblazer: NatureAir is the world’s only carbon neutral airline.

An overview of NatureAir:

NatureAir’s fleet of seven planes flies more than 130,000 passengers yearly between seventeen top Costa Rica destinations like San Jose and Tamarindo, as well as Bocas del Toro in Panama.

NatureAir fares are inexpensive, especially when you factor in vacation hours wasted traveling overland. For example, a NatureAir flight from San Jose to Tortuguero ranges from $29 US to $79 US, depending on the flight class. Flights to Bocas del Toro from San Jose are $120 US.

So what does carbon neutral mean, anyway?:

For the past three years, 100 percent of NatureAir’s carbon emissions are voluntarily compensated to tropical forest conservation efforts – known as “offset through avoided deforestation”.

It’s no secret airplane travel is one of the worst carbon emitters, and thus one of the largest contributors to climate change. Costa Rica airline NatureAir treasures the incomparable richness of Costa Rica’s environment, and strives to ensure its business practices don’t damage it.

How does it work?:

Currently, NatureAir is assisting in the conservation of a section of tropical rainforest in Costa Rica’s Osa Peninsula. By donating money to local landowners, the Costa Rica forest remains safe from clearcutting, -- and as a happy side effect, the local economy is given a boost.

But that’s not all. NatureAir also employs environmentally sustainable business practices in smaller ways, such as recycling and using energy efficient light bulbs. The Costa Rica airline is also working with the government of Costa Rica in converting its company cars to biofuels.

Book a Costa Rica flight!:

The NatureAir schedule and pricing can be viewed through the NatureAir website. Advance reservations are strongly recommended, as flights are limited.

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