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Costa Rica in April


Coastline, Manuel Antonio National Park, Costa Rica, Central America
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In April, rainfall is moderate in Costa Rica, but temperatures are high.

April Averages:

  • San Jose:
    Highs of 78ºF
    Lows of 60ºF
    Average Rainfall: 1.7 inches
    Humidity: 79%
  • Manuel Antonio (Pacific):
    Highs of 89ºF
    Lows of 71ºF
    Average Rainfall: 6.6 inches
    Humidity: 84%
  • Limón (Caribbean):
    Highs of 87ºF
    Lows of 71ºF
    Average Rainfall: 10.9 inches
    Humidity: 85%

Costa Rica Events in April:

  • The Easter Holidays: Also called Holy Week or Semana Santa, the week-long Easter holidays mark one of Costa Rica’s most memorable celebrations. The country essentially shuts down to rejoice—even buses stop running on Holy Thursday and Good Friday. Religious parades and processions fill the streets of numerous towns. Other festivities include rodeos, bullfights, concerts, carnivals, and more.
  • Juan Santamaria Day: Also called National Hero’s Day, April 11 is a public holiday that honors the Tico who defeated American invader William Walker at the 1856 battle of Rivas.

Tips on Traveling to Costa Rica in April:

Because Easter and the rest of Holy Week are so widely celebrated in Costa Rica, it can be difficult for travelers to find rooms without booking far in advance. Businesses close during Holy Week, prices are raised, and the beaches are crammed with revelers. However, the religious processions and festivities are a sight to behold—just be prepared.

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Source: National Weather Services of Costa Rica

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