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Costa Rica in January


Costa Rica Weather in January:

January boasts one of the best climates all year, with low rainfall in much of Costa Rica (the Caribbean can still be quite rainy), and favorably cool temperatures.

January Averages:

  • San Jose:
    Highs of 73ºF
    Lows of 59ºF
    Average Rainfall: 0.4 inches
    Humidity: 82%
  • Manuel Antonio (Pacific):
    Highs of 87ºF
    Lows of 69ºF
    Average Rainfall: 2.8 inches
    Humidity: 82%
  • Limón (Caribbean):
    Highs of 88ºF
    Lows of 68ºF
    Average Rainfall: 12.5 inches
    Humidity: 82%

Costa Rica Events in January:

  • New Year’s Day: On January 1, Costa Rica celebrates New Year’s Day with a dance festival San Jose’s Parque Central (Central Park).

Tips on Traveling to Costa Rica in January:

New Year’s Day (and of course, the evening before) is one of the busiest times of the year in Costa Rica. Many Ticos take a vacation from work the whole week prior, which means many businesses are closed, and hotels are often fully booked. If you want to travel to Costa Rica during New Year’s, make your reservations online months in advance.

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Source: National Weather Services of Costa Rica

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