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Costa Rica in June


Costa Rica Weather in June:

Costa Rica’s weather is truly tropical in June: hot, humid and rainy.

June Averages:

  • San Jose:
    Highs of 78ºF
    Lows of 62ºF
    Average Rainfall: 11.3 inches
    Humidity: 85%
  • Manuel Antonio (Pacific):
    Highs of 87ºF
    Lows of 71ºF
    Average Rainfall: 17 inches
    Humidity: 88%
  • Limón (Caribbean):
    Highs of 87ºF
    Lows of 71ºF
    Average Rainfall: 11.65 inches
    Humidity: 88%

Costa Rica Events in June:

  • Corpus Christi:
  • St. Peter and St. Paul’s Day. Known as Día de San Pedro y San Pablo in Spanish, June 29 is a religious holiday in Costa Rica.

Tips on Traveling to Costa Rica in June:

A little rain never hurt anyone. Prices are much cheaper during Costa Rica’s rainy season, from accommodations to transportation. And storms often burn away by morning, boasting sunshine in the most important part of the day: sunbathing time!

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Source: National Weather Services of Costa Rica

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