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Central America Countries

What countries are in Central America?


The Countries of Central America

The Countries of Central America

Arthur Anker
The seven Central America countries are astonishingly unique. If you're planning a trip to Central America, it can be difficult choosing which Central America countries to visit, and which to skip.

Each of our Central America travel guides contains all the basic information you need to build your vacation foundation. From Where Should I Go to What Will I Eat, these Central America country profiles should answer all your most important questions.

Costa Rica Travel Profile
Costa Rica is a nation of impossible natural beauty. Misty purple volcanoes, radiant sunsets, steaming rainforests, and beaches crawling with sea turtles are common sights...

Belize Travel Profile
Forty percent of Belize’s land mass is protected—more than any country in the world. Because of this, Belize’s natural attractions are superlative, from the translucent Caribbean waters scattered with islands (called “cayes”), to the dense inland forest abundant with wildlife. . .

Guatemala Travel Profile
It’s hard to imagine someone traveling to Guatemala and leaving unchanged. The mountainous landscape is nothing less than magical, and the people—forty percent indigenous Maya—are cordial and kind-hearted. . .

El Salvador Travel Profile
El Salvador has suffered a history far too massive for its tiny size. However, bold travelers keep visiting El Salvador, with good reason. The locals are outstandingly welcoming. Generations of international surfers testify that the breaks of El Salvador’s Pacific coast are some of the best of the world. . .

Honduras Travel Profile
Honduras’s attractions rival those of any Central American country. The Copan ruins in Western Honduras are among the most fantastic in the Maya empire. Off Honduras’s Caribbean coast, the Bay Islands Roatan, Utila, and Guanaja offer internationally acclaimed Scuba diving and snorkeling. . .

Nicaragua Travel Profile
Nicaragua is a country with as much to offer as any country in Latin America. When it comes to cuisine and culture, Nicaragua’s got personality to spare, all at rock-bottom prices. And even a perfunctory jaunt across the country will reward travelers with sweeping rainforests busy with wildlife, top surfing beaches, active volcanoes, and jaw-dropping, volcanic vistas. . .

Panama Travel Profile
Panama is so much more than its famed canal. The country’s curvy, narrow land mass serves as a physical—and cultural—land bridge between North and South America. . .

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