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Culture, History & Language in Central America

Explore Central America's endlessly diverse culture from Garifuna to Ancient Maya, and the region's restless and resonant history.
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UNESCO World Heritage Sites in Central America
Cultural and Natural UNESCO World Heritage Sites in Central America.

2012 Predictions
The end of the Mayan calendar occurs in 2012 -- at least, the end of an important cycle in the Mayan calendar. What will happen in December 2012? Will the world end? Here's a selection of websites that go over 2012 predictions and prophecies. I attempted to include only the most informative sites -- believe me, there are some... questionable...

Gay and Lesbian Travel in Central America
Information about gay and lesbian travel in Central America's countries, from Costa Rica to Belize.

The Crystal Skulls of Central America
Crystal Skulls in Central America: did you know the ancient Mayan Crystal Skulls actually exist – and most of them were discovered in Central America? Read more about the Central America Crystal Skulls.

Central America Maps
An image gallery of Central America maps, including maps of every Central America country: Costa Rica maps, Guatemala maps, Nicaragua maps, Honduras maps, Belize maps, El Salvador maps and Panama maps. Whew!

Central America Folklore and Legends
Legends, Folkore, and mythology in Central America.

Sister Cities in Central America
A list of sister cities in Central America, designated by Sister Cities International.

Central America Flags
Central America flags from every country: Costa Rica, Nicaragua, Panama, El Salvador, Guatemala, Belize, and Honduras.

Drug Laws and Penalties in Central America
Information on drug laws and penalties in Central America.

Tipping in Central America
A guide to tipping etiquette in Central America.

Holy Week in Antigua Guatemala
View images of the multicolored carpets, religious processions, and other images of Antigua Guatemala's Holy Week (Semana Santa) in this gallery by James Foley.

Religion in Nicaragua
Information on the religion and beliefs of the Nicaraguan population.

Costa Rica Museums
Costa Rica Museums: From the Gold Museum to the Jade Museum; the National Museum to the Children's Museum, Costa Rica museums make for a perfect rainy afternoon activity.

The Garifuna of Central America
Dozens of resources on the Garifuna. or the "Caribs", of Central America (mainly Belize) and the USA.

Guatemalan Food - Fiambre
Learn all about the history, preparation and folklore behind Fiambre, Guatemala’s traditional dish of the day of the dead.

Guatemalan Festival - The Day of the Dead

Costa Rica Festival - Ox Cart - Boyero Festival
Get fun information about Boyero Festival in Costa Rica and the traditions attached to it.

Hopkins Village in Belize - A Hidden Paradise
Find fun information about the colorful town called Hopkins Village in Belize.

Belize and the Garifuna Culture
Learn about the Garifuna people that live in Belize and their amazing culture.

Livingston, Guatemala - Welcome to the Garifuna Culture

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