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Sister Cities in Central America


Granada Nicaragua

Granada, Nicaragua is linked with Tampa, Florida and Waukesha, Wisconsin.

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Also known as "Twin Towns", Sister Cities are cities in different countries who decide to create a cultural and commercial partnership. The majority of Sister Cities are documented in a list maintained by Sister Cities International, which claims more than 2,000 cities, states and counties are partnered in 136 countries worldwide. The organization's mission is to "promote peace through mutual respect, understanding, and cooperation — one individual, one community at a time."
There are Sister Cities in each of Central America's seven countries, from Costa Rica to Belize. Central America's Sister Cities are primarily linked to cities in the United States, though several are linked to cities in Europe, Asia and South America. Some cities, like San José, Costa Rica, are partnered with more than one international city.

Costa Rica Sister Cities:

Sister Cities and twin towns in Costa Rica include: the capital San José (partnered with San Jose, California; Okayama, Japan; Maracay, Venezuela; and Taipei, Taiwan) and Heredia (Marietta, Georgia, USA).

Panama Sister Cities:

Sister Cities and twin towns in Panama include: Colón (Mandeville, Louisiana) and Panama City (Miami, Florida; Taipei, Taiwan; Fort Lauderdale, Florida.)

Guatemala Sister Cities:

Sister Cities and twin towns in Guatemala include: Guatemala City (Taipei, Taiwan; Hollywood, Florida), Cobán (Birmingham, Alabama); Quetzaltenango (Livermore, California; San Cristóbal de Las Casas, Mexico; Turin, Italy; and Tromsø, Norway), and Antigua Guatemala (Coral Gables, Florida).

El Salvador Sister Cities:

Sister Cities and twin towns in El Salvador include: San Salvador (Taipei, Taiwan and Los Angeles, California), Arcatao, Chalatenango (Madison, Wisconsin), Ataco (Fountain Hills, Arizona), San Antonio Los Ranchos, Chalatenango (Berkeley, California), Segundo Montes, Morazán (Cleveland, Ohio), Teosinte, Chalatenango (Arlington, Massachusetts), San José Las Flores, Chalatenango (Cambridge, Massachusetts), San Miguel (Arlington County, Virginia), and Ciudad Romero, La Unión (Saint Paul, Minnesota).

Honduras Sister Cities:

Sister Cities and twin towns in Honduras include: Santa Barbara (Freeport, Maine), Tegucigalpa (Taipei, Taiwan and New Orleans, Louisiana), Choluteca (Lynnwood, Washington), Puerto Cortes (Corpus Christi, Texas) and La Ceiba (Broken Arrow, Oklahoma).

Belize Sister Cities:

Sister Cities and twin towns in Belize include: Belize City (Ann Arbor, Michigan), Belmopan (Lansing, Michigan), and San Pedro (Wilmington, North Carolina).

Nicaragua Sister Cities:

Nicaragua has a ton of Sister Cities! Sister Cities and twin towns in Nicaragua include: the capital city Managua (Madison, Wisconsin); Taipei, Taiwan; Miami, Florida; and Caracas, Venezuela), Bluefields (Racine, Wisconsin; and Lower East Side, New York City (specifically, with the Bluefields neighborhood of Barrio Nueva York)), Chinandega (Eindhoven, The Netherlands), Estelí (Delft, the Netherlands; Stevens Point, Wisconsin; and Sheffield, UK), Granada (Tampa, Florida; and Waukesha, Wisconsin), Condega (Bend, Oregon); Jalapa (Boulder, Colorado), Jinotepe, Carazo (Santa Cruz, California), Juigalpa (Leiden, the Netherlands) La Paz Centro (Amherst, Massachusetts), Laguna de Perlas (Montclair, New Jersey), Las Mangas (Holyoke, Colorado), Malpaisillo (Rhinebeck, New York; Pittsfield, Massachusetts), Mateare (Platteville, Wisconsin), León — (Berkeley, California; New Haven, Connecticut; Hamburg, Germany; Oxford, UK; and Gettysburg, Pennsylvania), Puerto Morazan (Bristol, UK), Quezalguaque (Brookline, Massachusetts), Mina El Limón (Beckley, West Virginia), Nagarote (Norwalk, Connecticut), Ocotal (Swindon, UK; and Hartford, Connecticut), Ticuantepe (Milwaukee, Wisconsin), Tipitapa (New York City), Villa Carlos Fonseca(Moscow, Idaho), Ometepe (Bainbridge Island, Washington), Posoltega (Bloomington, Indiana), Puerto Cabezas (Burlington, Vermont), Santo Domingo (Tucson, Arizona), Somotillo (Bennington, Vermont), Quilali (South Haven, Michigan), San Carlos (Groningen, the Netherlands), San Francisco Libre( Reading, UK), El Jícaro, Nueva Segovia (Yellow Springs, Ohio), Jinotega, Jinotega (Shelby, North Carolina), San Juan de Oriente (Sacramento, California), San Juan del Río Coco (Brooklyn, New York), San Juan del Sur (Newton, Massachusetts), San Marcos, Atlántico Norte (Concord, Massachusetts), San Ramón, Matagalpa (Durham, North Carolina), Santa Teresa (Richland Center, Wisconsin), Somoto, Madriz (Merced, California), Masaya (Belo Horizonte, Brazil and Leicester, UK), Matagalpa, Matagalpa (Gainesville, Florida), San Isidro (Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania), Corinto (Portland, Oregon), and San Juan de Limay (Baltimore, Maryland). Whew!

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