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El Salvador, though one of the world's smaller countries, holds numerous elements of the rest of the Central American region - in miniature. Its proponents claim that the country's ancient Maya sites, volcanoes, jungles, and beaches rival those of its neighbors, while the hospitality of its people is unmatched anywhere in the world. And because of its size, every attraction is easily accessible.
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Favorite El Salvador Beaches - What's Your Favorite El Salvador Beach?
Favorite El Salvador Beaches: What's your favorite El Salvador beach?

El Salvador Beaches
Located on Central America's Pacific Coast, El Salvador beaches boast some of Latin America's finest surf breaks. But the surfers aren't the only travelers who enjoy the El Salvador beaches. The coastline is lined with villages both lively and tranquil; accommodations both luxury and budget; and waves for swimming as well as surfing. Come explore the El Salvador's beaches!

El Salvador Food and Drink
El Salvador Food: All about the food of El Salvador, such as pupusas, and other El Salvador food and drink.

El Salvador Spanish Schools
Interested in studying Spanish language at an El Salvador Spanish school? Here's our selection of Spanish schools in El Salvador, from La Libertad's beaches to San Salvador.

El Salvador Dos and Don'ts
A list of dos and don'ts for El Salvador travel.

Backpacking in El Salvador
Backpacking in El Salvador: the top budget travel destinations for backpackers in El Salvador, Central America.

El Salvador Guidebooks
A selection of El Salvador guidebooks for travelers.

El Salvador: Before You Go
A visitor's guide to El Salvador, the hidden gem of Central America travel. Discover this Pacific coast haven for surfers, beach bums, backpackers, and bold travelers.

El Salvador Photo Gallery
Our El Salvador Photo Gallery allows you to enjoy El Salvador's beauty through the eyes of various photographers, with photos ranging from the beaches of La Libertad to the Maya ruins of Tazumal.

El Salvador Travel - Top El Salvador Travel Spots
El Salvador Travel: Share your favorite El Salvador travel spots!

Photos of Suchitoto, El Salvador
Photos of Suchitoto, El Salvador.

Flights to El Salvador
Flights to El Salvador: Flying to El Salvador.

El Salvador Volcanoes
El Salvador Volcanoes: The Volcanoes of El Salvador.

Shopping in El Salvador
Where to shop in El Salvador.

5 Most Beautiful Lakes of Central America

4 Must See Attractions of El Salvador

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