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San Salvador, the capital of El Salvador, doesn't typically make the destinations lists of Central America travelers. Huge, bustling, and often chaotic, San Salvador isn't always lovely, or safe. But much of it is. Gorgeous, in fact. And if you travel smart, you'll find attractions among Central America's finest -- most of them within just 45 minutes of San Salvador's downtown. These photos of San Salvador are from my recent trip to the El Salvador capital, and offer a visual slice of this emerging destination.
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San Salvador El SalvadorSan Salvador ViewSalvador del Mundo StatueSalvador del Mundo StatueEl Sunzal La LibertadEl Sunzal, La LibertadSan Salvador StreetcartSan Salvador Streetcart
San Salvador CathedralSan Salvador CathedralSan Salvador El SalvadorThe San Salvador SkySan Salvador VolcanoSan Salvador VolcanoQuetzaltepec and El Boquerón VolcanoesQuetzaltepec and El Boquerón Volcanoes, San Salvador
Monument to the Memory and TruthMonument to the Memory and TruthFresh StrawberriesFresh Strawberries in San SalvadorSan Salvador ContrastsSan Salvador ContrastsSan Salvador MarketsThe Crafts Markets of San Salvador
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