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El Salvador Volcanoes


The Volcanoes of El Salvador:

El Salvador is home to 22 volcanoes. El Salvador volcanoes include San Diego, Guazapa, Singuil, Apaneca Range, Taburete, Usulutan, Santa Ana (Ilamatepec), Conchaguita, Izalco, San Salvador, Cinotepeque, Ilopango, San Vicente, Cerro Singüil, Apastepeque, Coatepeque, Tecapa, Chinameca, San Miguel, Laguna Aramuaca, Conchagua, and Chingo.

El Salvador's Active Volcanoes:

Six of El Salvador's 22 volcanoes are considered active. They include San Salvador, Santa Ana, San Miguel, Izalco, Ilopango and Conchaguita.

Hike a El Salvadoran Volcano:

Climb an El Salvador volcano! El Salvador's Cerro Verde National Park offers visitors three volcanoes to hike: Cerro Verde, Izalco and Santa Ana. Hike up Santa Ana (El Salvador's highest volcano) and peer into the neon green, boiling, sulfuric crater lake, or catch a glimpse of the Pacific from Izalco's summit.

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