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Aventura Canopy Tours - Monteverde, Costa Rica

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Aventura Canopy Tours - Monteverde, Costa Rica

Aventura Canopy Tours - Are you bold enough?

Kirsten Noelle Hubbard

The Bottom Line

When you zipling with Aventura Canopy Tours, you're guaranteed to have a breathless, heart-thumping, white-knuckled, adrenaline-pumping good time!


  • Experienced guides
  • Safety briefing
  • Insurance included
  • Relatively small groups
  • The Tarzan Swing!


  • When it rains, it pours!
  • 30 people isn't that small of a group


  • Hotline: (00506) 645-6062
    Fax: (00506) 645-6062
  • Schedule: 7:30 am, 10:30 am, 12:30 pm and 2:30 pm
  • Adults $ 35.00
    Students $ 28.00
    Children under 12 $ 20.00
  • Tour duration: 2 ½ hours

Guide Review - Aventura Canopy Tours - Monteverde, Costa Rica

So what is ziplining, anyway? It's the closest thing to flying!

Dressed in a safety vest, helmet, and rugged gloves, you'll be harnessed by Aventura's experienced guides to a series of cables suspended above the Monteverde Cloudforest. Then you'll zoom from treetop platform to platform, taking in the gorgeous canopy views, leaving your stomach behind you.

As you progress, the cables grow increasingly longer, and are suspended higher from the ground. The most intense? It's 1960 feet long, and 260 feet from the forest floor. An entire valley opens up beneath you. Wow!

What makes Aventura stand apart from other ziplining companies is their friendly, knowledgeable guides, their dedication to safety, the quality of their equipment, and their Tarzan Swing.

Yes, you heard it right. Climbing to a lofty platform, you'll be secured to a sort of bungee cord attached to a tree far above, and it's up to you to step off the edge. Then you'll fall one hundred feet straight down before swinging out into a forested abyss. It's ridiculously fun, but even if you chicken out, you'll enjoy listening to the death-screams of your travel buddies. Tours are easily booked from your hotel in Monteverde or in the nearby village of Santa Elena.

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