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Paraiso Club on Big Corn Island, Nicaragua

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Paraiso Club on Big Corn Island, Nicaragua
Paraiso Club

The Bottom Line

Big Corn Island's Paraiso (Paradise) Club enjoys a setting worthy of its name, offering everything you need in one all-inclusive resort, without resort prices.

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  • Right against the paradisiacal Caribbean waters.
  • Offers everything you need, even what you didn't know you need.
  • Wireless internet! Seriously!
  • Free pickup from the airstrip.


  • You'll never want to leave. Get out! Explore the island! Meet some locals!


  • +505 575 5111
    Cell: +505 633 0274 (Mike)
    Cell: +505 658 5614 (Ton)
  • www.paraisoclub.com
  • Located on the southwest side of the island, three minutes by taxi from the Big Corn airstrip.
  • Prices range from $45 USD for a single standard, to $104 for a double comfort (fits four, with a/c).
  • Multiple night stays result in discounts, and breakfast is included.
  • Snorkeling gear, golf carts and scooters are available for rental. Tours can be booked on-site.

Guide Review - Paraiso Club on Big Corn Island, Nicaragua

Although inarguably as beautiful as other popular Caribbean islands in the region like Cozumel and Roatan, Big Corn Island’s population is mainly local, and many of their beaches remain unspoiled. Each thatched-roof cabana at Paraiso Club looks out across a strip of white beach, directly to the sea. It's mere seconds to the water, and just minutes by boat to the offshore coral reef boasting some of the best snorkeling and diving in the world.

Travelers will find all they desire at Paraiso Club, whether a icy pina coloda, or a steaming filet mignon. The on-site restaurant serves fare ranging from lobster and pizza to more traditional Nicaraguan cuisine, and the beach bar opens right onto the sand. Guests benefit from wireless internet, beach chairs, free maid and room service, and of course, private bathrooms. A swimming pool will be ready in 2007, although with the Caribbean just steps away, what’s the point?

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