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Photos of Semana Santa in Antigua Guatemala

Holy Week Photo Gallery from James Foley


Photos of Semana Santa in Antigua Guatemala

Antigua Guatemala is famous for its vibrant, elaborate religious festivities during the Antigua Semana Santa, or Holy Week, leading up to Easter. Thousands of national and international visitors crowd the cobblestoned streets to watch the costumed processions, reenactments of the crucifixion, and other ceremonies.

The most awe-inspiring part of Antigua's Semana Santa, however, are the brilliant carpets, or "alfombras". Sand or sawdust is used to level the cobblestones, and is dyed different colors and interwoven with bright flowers, other plants, and pine needles. The result is designs so intricate, it seems tragic when the processions pass over and trample them!

View these beautiful carpets and other images of the Antigua Guatemala Semana Santa in this Holy Week gallery by James Foley.

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    An Intricate AlfombraAnother Beautiful Carpet Up Close and PersonableChristian Soldier
    The Religious ProcessionSemana Santa MusiciansFemale Holy Week Procession MembersCloseup on a Multicolored Carpet
    Antigua Guatemala's Holy WeekAfter the ProcessionFloral Carpet at Semana SantaCostumed Holy Week Musicians
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