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Travel Health and Safety in Central America

Advice for travelers about safety measures, necessary vaccinations, travel health, and other subjects to help ensure your Central America vacation is a safe one.
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Central America Vaccinations
Central America Vaccinations: It's always smart to be up-to-date on standard vaccinations. But when you're traveling to a tropical region like Central America, there's the added potential of contracting several other illnesses you're in no danger from back home. That's why it's crucial you visit your doctor or a travel clinic for Central America travel vaccinations at least 4-6 weeks befor…

Central America Travel Safety
Tips for staying healthy in Central America.

Central America Travel Health
Tips for staying healthy in Central America.

Guat Squats in Guatemala
Guat Squats: Traveler's Diarrhea in Guatemala

Safety in Central America
A guide to travel safety and security in Central America, including information on safety in every country, from Costa Rica to El Salvador.

Central America Myths and Misconceptions
Debunking (or verifying) some myths and misconceptions about Central America and Central America travel.

Central America's Creepy Crawlies
Everything you wanted to know about Central America's creepiest creatures---the venomous, the poisonous, and the simply scary-looking spiders, snakes and insects.

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