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Safety in Central America

An overview of Central America safety and security.


If you’re interested in traveling to Central America, safety is probably your biggest concern. The region has a fairly recent history of conflict and violence. But the civil wars have ended. Is Central America’s lingering reputation deserved?

The easiest answer? No and yes. Most of Central America is safer than ever before. However, some countries are safer than others. And certain parts of each country are more (and less) safe than the rest.

While various Central America travel guides, the U.S. Consulate, and “the word on the street” tend to differ, all agree that a level of street smarts is the key to staying safe in Central America. Much of it boils down to common sense. If you avoid situations that could put you in obvious danger—like walking alone in a dodgy neighborhood at night—the odds are definitely in your favor for a secure and unforgettable Central America vacation.

Safety in Central America by Country:

Nicaragua Safety

Costa Rica Safety

Honduras Safety

Belize Safety

Panama Safety

Guatemala Safety

El Salvador Safety

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