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Photos of Cayos Cochinos, Honduras

Cayos Cochinos Photos: Cayos Cochinos, Part of the Honduras Bay Islands


Cayos Cochinos in Honduras (the Hog Islands) is an archipelago 19 km north of Honduras's Caribbean coast, near La Ceiba. Part of the Honduras Bay Islands (which as includes Roatan, Utila and Guanaja), Cayos Cochinos includes two larger islands (Cochino Pequeno and Cochino Grande) along with eleven tiny islands. The preserved seascape of Cayos Cochinos totals 460 square kilometers. The Cayos Cochinos island Chachauate Key is home to a Garifuna settlement, as well as some of the most stunning scenery I've ever beheld.

We visited the Cayos Cochinos through Honduras Tourist Options, a tourism company in La Ceiba (booked via the on-site company Turaser from our hotel, La Palma Real). From Roatan, many tour operators book day trips. Try Subway Watersports at the Turquoise Bay Resort and Palmetto Bay Plantation.

I hope these Cayos Cochinos photos evoke at least some of the archipelago's beauty. Take a look!

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Garifuna VillageChachauate Garifuna Village, Cayos Cochinos, HondurasGarifuna CuisineGarifuna Cuisine on the island of Chachauate, HondurasCayo Menor, Cayos Cochinos, HondurasLonely Bonsai Tree, Cayo Menor -- Cayos Cochinos, HondurasBoy in a BoatBoy in a Boat, Cayos Cochinos Honduras
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