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Copan Photos: Photos of the Copan Ruins, Honduras


Welcome to our Copan Photo Gallery, featuring photos of the Copan ruins.

Located in the far west of Honduras, the Mayan ruins of Copan are one of the world's most breathtaking archaeological sites. They stand out because of the massive sculptures, both intricate and redoubtable, which decorated the faces of the structures, as well as the number of hieroglyphic texts which suggest the existence of an extensively literate culture.

Set in a rich jungle populated by vibrant macaws, the Copan ruins are a captivating place to visit. Take a trip now with these Copan photos, courtesy of Bob Klingenberg at www.goodtimebob.com.

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Copan StelaCopan Stela, Copan Ruins, HondurasCopan Ball CourtCopan Ball CourtPhotos of the Copan RuinsCopan Sculpture, Copan Ruins, HondurasMayan CarvingsMayan Stone Carvings, Copan
Mayan Temple CopanMayan Temple Model, Copan Ruins MuseumMayan SkullMayan SkullPhotos of the Copan Ruins of HondurasArtifacts, Copan RuinsPhotos of the Copan Ruins of HondurasMenacing Face, Copan
Ball Court Copan RuinsBall Court, Copan RuinsCopan Ruins PhotosAngry Carving, CopanCopan MuseumCopan Museum, Copan Ruins, HondurasCopan Temple DetailCopan Temple Detail
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