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Photos of La Ceiba, Honduras: La Ceiba the third largest city in Honduras, located just a few hours from San Pedro Sula on the Caribbean coast. Many travelers head to La Ceiba to catch a water taxi to the Honduras Bay Islands of Roatan, Utila and Guanaja. The Cayos Cochinos Islands are an even shorter boat trip away.

But La Ceiba is a worthwhile destination in its own right. It offers luxury oceanfront hotels, budget hostels, and even jungle lodges -- most notably, the Lodge at Pico Bonito. Downtown La Ceiba bustles with energy. And in many places, La Ceiba's beaches are gorgeous; possibly even Honduras's best.

See for yourself in our La Ceiba photo gallery.

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La Ceiba HotelsLa Ceiba, Honduras HotelGarifuna Dancers HondurasGarifuna DancersLa Ceiba CathedralLa Ceiba CathedralLa Ceiba BoatsLa Ceiba Boats
The Lodge at Pico BonitoPico Bonito Lodge, HondurasLa Ceiba StreetLa Ceiba StreetLa Ceiba, HondurasLa Ceiba, HondurasLa Ceiba BeachLa Ceiba Beach
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