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The A. Jean Brugger Foundation - San Juan del Sur, Nicaragua

The heart of the Piedras y Olas Hotel... and of San Juan del Sur.


The A. Jean Brugger Foundation - San Juan del Sur, Nicaragua

San Juan del Sur children explore their creativity through the Foundation's Art in the Park event.

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The A. Jean Brugger Foundation (Fundación A. Jean Brugger) is an organization based in San Juan del Sur, Nicaragua, dedicated to supporting and empowering the San Juan del Sur community. The foundation is affiliated with San Juan del Sur's Pelican Eyes... Piedras y Olas Hotel and Resort. One hundred percent of the resort's proceeds go to the Foundation.

A History of Giving:

The Foundation was establish in 2000 by A. Jean Brugger and Chris R.A. Berry, the owner of the Piedras y Olas Hotel. The pair recognized the capacity for brilliance in Nicaragua’s youth, much of it unrealized in a region of limited means. Since it inception, the A. Jean Brugger Foundation has truly transformed the San Juan del Sur community, helping countless underprivileged locals thrive.

Get involved:

The Jean Brugger Foundation is actively seeking monetary donations and sponsorships of educational supplies for Nicaraguan children in need. Among the Foundation’s projects:

  • School Uniform Project: School uniforms are mandatory in Nicaragua schools, but many impoverished families have trouble paying for them. For $30 US donation, the Foundation will provide a Nicaraguan child with a school uniform, made locally by women in the San Juan del Sur community. Donors can also sponsor an entire school for $1350.
  • Scholarship Fund: The Foundations offers the opportunity to sponsor a Nicaraguan schoolchild by providing $30 US a month for tuition, or $75-200 US a month to sponsor a university student. Sponsors are invited to correspond with their child, or even meet him or her on a trip to Nicaragua.
  • Vocational Training: Donating your time san be just as beneficial as donating money. The Foundation encourages those experienced in ecology, hospitality, construction, business, tourism, or any other valuable arena to volunteer in Nicaragua by providing education and skill-building.
The Foundation also sponsors many other community, creative and environmental projects.

Contact Fundacion A. Jean Brugger:
fundacion@piedrasyolas.com; (505) 568-2453

Donations are tax deductible, and can be mailed to:
Fundacion A. Jean Brugger
c/o Philip J. Davis, CPA
Kaufman & Davis PC
50 Congress St, Suite 920
Boston, MA 02109

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