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Parque Maritimo El Coco Hotel & Resort in Nicaragua

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Parque Maritimo El Coco Hotel & Resort in Nicaragua

The beach!

Parque Maritimo El Coco

The Bottom Line

Optimally located on Playa el Coco beach in Nicaragua (south of San Juan del Sur), Parque Maritimo El Coco is a Nicaragua resort community offering natural beauty, diverse lodging options, and legendary Nicaragua hospitality.

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  • The sheer variety of accommodation options, from large vacation rental homes to oceanfront suites.
  • Despite its large size, the forested resort feels calm and private.
  • Accommodation rates are reasonable, and drop when three or more nights are booked.


  • Bad roads make can make getting to the resort difficult -- in rainy season, 4-wheel drive is a must!


  • Phone: (786) 623-0608 from the United States, or (505) 892-0124 from Nicaragua.
  • Email: parquemaritimo@playaelcoco.com.ni
  • Learn more about Parque Maritimo El Coco at www.playaelcoco.com.ni
  • A map of the park is available at http://www.playaelcoco.com.ni/es/mapa

Guide Review - Parque Maritimo El Coco Hotel & Resort in Nicaragua

While San Juan del Sur is one of the most popular travel destinations in Nicaragua, it’s lacking one crucial factor to join the ranks of top Central America beach cities: actual beaches!

For the best in Nicaragua beach vacations, head to the dazzling resort community of Parque Maritimo El Coco on Playa el Coco, only 18 km south of San Juan del Sur. Set within the fertile landscape of Nicaragua’s La Flor wildlife refuge, Parque Marítimo El Coco offers its visitors numerous choices in beachfront accommodations, including bungalows, apartments, and luxury houses. No matter how large your group or family (or budget!), there’s a perfect accommodation option at the expansive Playa el Coco resort.

A host of outdoor activities welcome travelers to Parque Marítimo El Coco, from horseback riding to beach volleyball. Swim in the warm Pacific waters off Playa el Coco. Visit the nearby Playa La Flor, a famous nesting place for sea turtles, or book a boat trip to Isla Bolaños. Onsite restaurant Puesta del Sol serves Nicaraguan and international dishes overlooking the sea.

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