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Granada Photos: Granada Photo Gallery


Welcome to our Granada Photo Gallery, featuring pictures of Granada in Nicaragua.

Founded in 1534, Granada, Nicaragua is the second oldest city in Central America and the third oldest city in the Americas. Granada is an extremely visual city -- its churches, cathedrals and cobblestoned streets are picturesque examples of Spanish colonial architecture, while its lakefront setting seems impossibly beautiful.

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Colonial Architecture in Granada, NicaraguaGranada, Nicaragua at Sunset Church of Guadalupe in Granada NicaraguaTortillas for Sale in Granada, Nicaragua
Evening Glow in Granada, NicaraguaHorse-Drawn Carriages in Granada, NicaraguaHall of Arches in Granada, NicaraguaGranada Fesitval
Street Scene in Granada, NicaraguaGranada Cathedral at NightChicharrones in Granada, NicaraguaMeat Market in Granada, Nicaragua
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