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Nicaragua Volcanoes


Nicaragua Volcanoes

Nicaragua Volcanoes

Hayden Llewellyn

The Volcanoes of Nicaragua:

Nicaragua volcanoes: There are 19 Nicaragua volcanoes, including Apoyeque, Masaya, Mombacho, Telica, Las Lajas, Azul, Cerro Negro, Cerro El Ciguatepe, Nejapa-Miraflores, Concepcion, Cosiguina, Rota, Esteli, Granada, Las Pilas, Maderas, Momotombo, San Cristobal, and Zapatera.

Nicaragua's Active Volcanoes:

Out of the 19 Nicaragua volcanoes, 8 are active. Active Nicaragua volcanoes include Cosiguina, Momotombo, Cerro Negro, San Cristobal, Las Pilas, Masaya, Concepcion and Telica.

Hike a Nicaraguan Volcano:

Several Nicaragua volcanoes are ideal for hiking. Climb Concepcion or Maderas, the twin volcanoes that make up the island of Ometepe in Lake Nicaragua. "Sand ski" down the black slopes of Cerro Negro. Even less experienced hikers can conquer Masaya, one of the most accessible Nicaragua volcanoes.

ViaNica provides a great overview of other Nicaragua volcanoes to climb.

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