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Pelican Eyes Hotel Resort in San Juan del Sur, Nicaragua


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The A. Jean Brugger Foundation at the Piedras y Olas Hotel
Pelican Eyes Hotel Resort in San Juan del Sur, Nicaragua
Cesar Paniamogan, Jr. - www.dancesar.com

“This isn’t a destination for travelers who don’t want to remember what country they’re in,” Cornwell says.

In other words, the Pelican Eyes... Piedras y Olas Hotel & Resort might be a four-star resort, but guests need to realize they’re still in Nicaragua.

Because the San Juan del Sur hotel believes in utilizing only non-toxic means of pest control, the bugs do get in (though I only observed a few ants and one gorgeous yellow moth in my room). Cats and dogs are often underfoot. At times, Nicaragua’s ubiquitous rolling blackouts occur, though fortunately the resort has automatic generators.

The Piedras y Olas Hotel simply isn’t for those who wish to live in a bubble – to jetset in and completely disconnect themselves from the community. To Piedras y Olas the village of San Juan del Sur is more than a beautiful view. It’s the lifeblood of the resort. And in gratitude, the resort’s A. Jean Brugger Foundation gives back, and back, and back.

A luxury vacation that helps others in need? It doesn’t get much better than that. That’s why a stay at the Pelican Eyes... Piedras y Olas Hotel & Resort is a splurge you can feel great about.

Read more about the Piedras y Olas Hotel's A. Jean Brugger Foundation.

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