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Pelican Eyes Hotel Resort in San Juan del Sur, Nicaragua


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Sustainable Development at the Piedras y Olas Hotel & Resort
Pelican Eyes Hotel Resort in San Juan del Sur, Nicaragua

View from Cabina Llama del Bosque

Kirsten Noelle Hubbard

The beaches near San Juan del Sur are prime property for Nicaragua real estate developers. Mix cheap real estate with magnificent beachfront scenery, and hotels and resorts spring up like May flowers – just visit Manuel Antonio Nicaragua’s neighbor, Costa Rica.

Unfortunately, far too many resorts in Central America break ground with careless abandon, paying no heed to the environment and the surrounding communities they claim to embrace.

Not Pelican Eyes... Piedras y Olas Hotel and Resort. Hotel founder Chris R. A. Berry and the rest of the Piedras y Olas Hotel team chose to enlist the help of a Canada-based organization called the Pangea Partnership, which specializes in ecologically sustainable development. The Pangea Partnership taught San Juan del Sur locals how to build sustainable “straw bale” structures, literally using bales of decompressed straw as building blocks for the unique architecture of the Piedras y Olas hotel. As a result, the hotel boasts deep roots in the San Juan del Sur community as well as the environment.

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