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Pelican Eyes Hotel Resort in San Juan del Sur, Nicaragua


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Pelican Eyes Sailing Tours in San Juan del Sur
Pelican Eyes Hotel Resort in San Juan del Sur, Nicaragua

A San Juan del Sur sunset

Cesar Paniamogan, Jr. - www.dancesar.com

Slip into the vibrant colors of a San Juan del Sur sunset with a Piedras y Olas sunset sailing tour. Piedras y Olas Sailing Tours are also offered in the daytime, and include lunch, (adult!) drinks, and a stop at a San Juan del Sur beach.

See that sea? The Piedras y Olas Hotel & Resort offers you the opportunity to do more than just look. The resort recently paired with San Juan del Sur’s most eminent dive shop, Scuba Shack, to offer on-site PADI resort courses and scuba dive trips in the Nicaragua Pacific. During my visit, visibility was poor for diving because of recent storms. However, I got the chance to chat with one of Scuba Shack’s directors and master divers, Nahoko Ueda.

According to Ueda – who has dived all over the world – Scuba diving in San Juan del Sur is a extraordinary experience. Sea creatures commonly spotted on San Juan del Sur dives include sea turtles (which famously nest at the nearby Playa La Flor), rays, octopi, and groupers. Intrepid Scuba divers can visit the wreck of a Russian fishing trawler, which now serves as a natural reef for undersea life.

For more pictures of the Piedras y Olas Hotel, visit our Pelican Eyes photo gallery.

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