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Pelican Eyes Hotel Resort in San Juan del Sur, Nicaragua


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The Up-and-Downside at the Piedras y Olas Hotel & Resort
Pelican Eyes Hotel Resort in San Juan del Sur, Nicaragua
Kirsten Noelle Hubbard

For some, the Pelican Eyes... Piedras y Olas Hotel & Resort's only downside is really an up-and-downside. The San Juan del Sur hotel is a labyrinth of stairs and meandering walkways, its villas and restaurants arranged in layers scaling the hills.

Though the Piedras y Olas Hotel's staff works hard to accommodate hotel guests with disabilities, the resort is much more fitting for the physically fit. It often seems the place you want to be is as far as possible (and uphill!) from where you are. However, a cool dip in the pool or one of the bar’s two-for-one margaritas is all it takes to invigorate you for that hike back to your cabin.

And frankly? I enjoyed the workout!

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