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Pelican Eyes Hotel Resort in San Juan del Sur, Nicaragua


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San Juan Del Sur Real Estate at the Piedras y Olas Hotel
Pelican Eyes Hotel Resort in San Juan del Sur, Nicaragua
Cesar Paniamogan, Jr. - www.dancesar.com

Guess what? The Pelican Eyes... Piedras y Olas Hotel & Resort in San Juan del Sur is for sale – at least, parts of it are. The Piedras y Olas Hotel's on-site homes are private, custom-designed, and come fully furnished and equipped with everything you need to begin the San Juan del Sur chapter of your life.

According to Cornwell, Piedras y Olas's villas and other investment properties tend to attract a different breed of investor than those who buy other San Juan del Sur real estate.

“What sets the property owners apart at Piedras y Olas is their connection to the community,” says Cornwell. “People often buy property in other places – like Costa Rica – to ‘flip it’ and make a profit. But our property owners buy because they love San Juan del Sur and Piedras y Olas and want to own piece of it.”

Visit the Pelican Eyes website or email sales@piedrasyolas.com for up-to-date San Juan del Sur real estate opportunities.

For more pictures of the Piedras y Olas Hotel, visit our Pelican Eyes photo gallery.

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