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Photos of Panama City, Panama in Central America


Panama City Photos: Of all the Central America capital cities, Panama City just might be the most compelling -- and scenic. Panama City sits on the southern edge of Panama's Pacific coast. The famous Panama Canal's Pacific gate is located in Panama City, joining the Pacific Ocean with the Caribbean Sea and the Atlantic Ocean.

Due to extensive American influence over the years, Panama City is probably the most "Westernized" of Central America's capitals. However, the city definitely retains its own unique flair. These Panama City photos include images of the Panama Canal, the Panama City's popular shopping venues, Casco Viejo (Panama City's old town), coastal attractions, and more.

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Panama City, PanamaPanama City, PanamaParque Natural MetropolitanoParque Natural MetropolitanoPanama Canal BoatsPanama Canal BoatsMiraflores Locks in the Panama CanalMiraflores Locks in the Panama Canal
Panama HatsPanama Hats in Panama City, PanamaPanama's CoastPanama's CoastAmador Causeway in Panama CityAmador Causeway in Panama CityCasco Viejo PanamaCasco Viejo in Panama City
Casco Viejo, Panama CityCasco Viejo, Panama CityOld Town Panama CityOld Town Panama CityPanama City Bus StationPanama City Bus StationAlbrook Mall Panama CityAlbrook Mall Panama City
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