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Photos of the San Blas Islands in Panama


San Blas Islands Photo Gallery: The San Blas Islands of Panama -- also known as the Kuna Yala Islands, or the Kuna Yala Archipelago -- is a remote group of islands located off Panama's Caribbean coast. The San Blas Islands are part of Kuna Yala, an autonomous territory inhabited by the Kuna indigenous people.

While many of Panama's islands are scenic, the San Blas Islands just might take the prize as some of Latin America's most beautiful. Because they're so hard to get to (a four-hour 4x4 ride on unpaved roads from Panama City, followed by a boat ride of varying lengths), they remain visited only by the most intrepid travelers, who stay in island huts and dine on sea-based meals for a fixed price. And because the Kuna people primarily practice traditional lifestyles, the islands prove an escape straight out of a castaway novel.

We were lucky enough to visit the San Blas Islands in 2009, and San Blas photos include some of our favorite sights in the Kuna Yala region.

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San Blas Islands, PanamaWaiting for the Boat to the San Blas IslandsSan Blas Islands, PanamaThe San Blas IslandsKuna Yala PanamaKuna Kids in the San Blas IslandsThe San Blas IslandsThe San Blas Islands in Panama
San Blas AccommodationsKuna Accommodations in the San Blas IslandsKuna BoatsKuna BoatsKuna FishermenKuna Fishermen in the San Blas IslandsSan Blas WildlifeSan Blas Wildlife
Kuna Yala MealKuna Yala MealKuna VillageKuna Village in San Blas, PanamaKuna Yala VillageKuna Yala Village in San Blas, PanamaSan Blas Island ViewSan Blas Island View
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