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Fry Jacks in Belize Cuisine


Belize Fry Jack

Belize Fry Jack

Kirsten Hubbard
Definition: Fry jacks are a staple in Belize cuisine. Usually served as a breakfast item, fry jacks are deep-fried pieces of dough, often accompanied by beans and eggs, or jam and honey.

Sound familiar? Fry jacks aren't only served in Belize. In fact, they go by many different names all over the world -- beignets in New Orleans, sopapillas in Mexico and the American southwest, or often, simply 'fried dough'.

Before you place an order for fry jacks in a Belize restaurant, however, know that Belizean Creole (Kriol) rarely uses the plural; a pile of fry jacks is still called "fry jack".

Also Known As: fry bread, beignets, sopapillas, fried dough

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