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Costa Rica Drinks

Drinks and Beverages in Costa Rica Cuisine


Costa Rica Drinks

Costa Rica Drinks

Costa Rica Drinks
The best Costa Rica beverages are fruit-based, due to the nation's bounty of tropical fruits. Refrescos ("frescos" for short) are fruit smoothies made with water or milk. Agua dulce is water sweetened with sugar cane. Horchata is another popular Costa Rice drink, a sweet rice or corn beverage flavored with cinnamon.

Costa Rica is famous for its coffee, so sometimes the lack of good coffee in cafes and restaurants is surprising. Many Costa Ricans just drink Nescafe.

The national beer of Costa Rica is Imperial, which you'll see advertised all over Costa Rica. Other Costa Rica beer brands are Pilsen (a pilsner) and Bavaria. If you're looking for something stronger, guaro is a fiery sugar cane liquor, served as a shot or in a cocktail.

Like in all Central America countries, be wary of ice or water-based beverages -- make sure both are purified.

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