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For those who love exotic fare, Central America is a prime destination. Because it consists of many diverse cultures, regional cuisine is just as diverse, resulting in many creatively fused dishes and divine innovations. Here we'll review some of Central America's top restaurants, as well as provide mouth-watering recipes for those who seek taste but can't take the trip.
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Belize Drinks
Belize Drinks: drinks and beverages in Belizean cuisine.

Honduras Food Photo Gallery
Honduras Food: Pictures of Honduras food, from anafres to platanos fritos.

Central America Desserts
Photos of Central America desserts and other kinds of sweets. Yum!

Central America Food and Drink
Central America Food and Drink : Central America has a surplus of good taste, confirmed by the delicious range of Central America food and drink. Some Central America food is extremely familiar (fried chicken in Guatemala, fruit smoothies in Costa Rica). Other meals might seem a bit on the exotic side (fried palm flowers in El Salvador, stuffed...

Costa Rica Cuisine: Food & Drink in Costa Rica
Costa Rican Cuisine: Food in Costa Rica, from Costa Rican desserts and meals to Costa Rica beverages.

Bombay Cafe, Panajachel, Guatemala
Bombay Cafe is the best place in Panajachel for healthful, delicious, international cuisine.

Spanish for Dining
Quisiera pollo con arroz? Basic Spanish vocabulary for dining in Central America, or any Spanish-speaking country.

The Jade Seahorse in Utila, Honduras
The Jade Seahorse restaurant, bar, and hotel is best summed up in one word: Unforgettable. Travelers to either of Honduras's Caribbean island destinations, Utila and Roatan, need to put this attraction at the top of their vacation intineraries.

Central America Cooking

Learning Central America cooking is the best way to enjoy Central America cuisine! Here's a selection of the very best Central America cooking sites, along with links to our Central America food articles and reviews of Central America cookbooks. Que sabor!

Costa Rica Bruncas
An overview of restaurants in Costa Rica, plus other travel resources.

ReggaeTrain's Caribbean Recipes
ReggaeTrain provides an illustrated list of recipes from the Caribbean, ranging from the tasty (cornmeal porridge, batter-fried plantains) to the strange (oxtails and beans, saltfish fritters).

Central America Beverages

Central America Beverages:When you're battling the steamy Central America heat, there's nothing better than a cold Central America beverage. Because of the isthmus's tropical location, Central America beverages are diverse and refreshing, often taking advantage of the region's array of tropical fruits (including some you've probably never heard of!).

We've collected some of the most popular Central America drinks -- both alcoholic and non-alcoholic -- in each of the seven countries. Be bold, be daring -- but watch out for unpurified ice.

Go on... have a sip of Central America beverages!

What to Eat in Costa Rica
What to Eat in Costa Rica: Everyone knows the Costa Rican casado and gallo pinto, but here’s a look into the less talked about Costa Rica food.

Costa Rica Tropical Fruit
You've tried bananas, pinapples and papayas, but have you heard of mamones or granadilla? Here's a list of exotic tropical fruit in Costa Rica that's slightly off the beaten path.

Photos of Central America Food
Images of Central America cuisine, from tamales to plantains to fresh seafood.

Central American Recipes & Cooking Tips
A compilation of recipes from all over the net, spanning all across Central America.

Guatemalan Food - Fiambre
Learn all about the history, preparation and folklore behind Fiambre, Guatemala’s traditional dish of the day of the dead.

Central America Traditional Food - Explore Each Country's Palate

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