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Belize Drinks

Drinks and Beverages in Belizean Cuisine


Belize Drinks

Belize Drinks

Belize Drinks
Belize Drinks: Like all Central America countries, Belize is a great place to sample tropical drinks of every kind: fruit juice, smoothies, and blended in alcoholic beverages if you're of age. Belizean pina coladas are a personal favorite, but rum punch is probably Belize's most popular fruit-based alcoholic beverage -- a mix of rum and whatever juices happen to be laying about.

Imported alcohol is expensive in Belize, but there are a number of Belizean liquors, wines and beers travelers will find quite cheap. The main Belize beer brand is Belikin, which comes in Belikin Beer, Belikin Premium, Belikin Stout and Lighthouse Lager. Belize wines are fermented from creative ingredients like blackberry, cashew fruit, sorrel and ginger.

Daring travelers will want to track down "seaweed" beverages, which are sold mainly from street carts. The drink is uniquely Belizean, made of milk, nutmeg, cinnamon, vanilla, and you guessed it – seaweed!

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