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Photo Tour of La Ruta Maya in Central America


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La Ruta Maya Pictures
La Ruta Maya in Central America

La Ruta Maya in Central America

Kirsten Hubbard

For thousands of years, the great Maya civilization has made its home in Central America and Mexico's Yucatan Peninsula. The Mayans built colossal cities, created astonishing art, and developed the only full written language of the Pre-Columbian Americas. They made landmarks strides in the fields of mathematics and astronomy, and their elaborate calendar is famed throughout the world.

Central America's La Ruta Maya ("The Maya Route") is a travelers route that takes travelers through Maya Civilization ancient and contemporary – from the archaeological ruins of great Mayan cities like Tikal and Copan, to modern-day villages where Mayans live, dress and create in similar ways their ancestors did over the centuries. Until you can journey La Ruta Maya yourself, this photo gallery lets you follow the celebrated route through images of its most popular stops.

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