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WWOOF in Central America

Volunteer at an organic farm in Central America


WWOOF in Central America

WWOOF in Central America

WWOOF in Central America: At first, the idea of "agro-tourism" might sound a little strange. It's certainly not for everyone.

But if you like the idea of working in the sunshine in beautiful places, learning about ecologically sustainable practices, supporting local farmers who in turn support the environment – all before sitting down to a home-cooked meal with ingredients you picked yourself, WWOOFing might be your perfect volunteer vacation.

What does WWOOF mean?
No, I didn't bark at you. World Wide Opportunities for Organic Farms, or WWOOF (often used as a verb, as in "WWOOFing", or noun, as in "WWOOFers"), is an organization of international organic and sustainable farms that host volunteers. There are a number of chances to WWOOF in Central America.

What does WWOOFing entail?
As part of the agreement, WWOOFs don't pay their hosts, and the hosts don't pay their volunteers. Volunteers help with the farms for an agreed-upon set of hours daily, and in turn, learn about "organic growing, country living or ecologically sound lifestyles". Most farm provide volunteers with food and lodging free of charge. Every farm has its own minimum and maximum length of stay, so you'll have to ask when you contact them via WWOOF.

WWOOF in Central America
Belize and Costa Rica both have national WWOOF organizations. To WWOOF there, you need to contact and subscribe to the WWOOF organization in that country.

WWOOF Costa Rica

WWOOF Belize

WWOOF Independents lists countries with WWOOF opportunities, but no national WWOOF organization. Honduras, Panama, Nicaragua and Guatemala all are represented in WWOOF Independents.

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