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The Jade Seahorse in Utila, Honduras

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The Jade Seahorse in Utila

The Jade Seahorse in Utila

Bryson Allen

The Bottom Line

The Jade Seahorse is best summed up in one word: Unforgettable. Even if staying at Nightland is more than your budget can handle, stop by the restaurant for a meal and an icy drink, and a successive moonlit wander through the owner's magical gardens.


  • You'll never sleep/eat/drink in more fabulously flamboyant surroundings.
  • The Grapefruit Crush. Also, the Watermelon Crush, Mango Crush, Pineapple Crush. . .
  • The tours offered by the restaurant are some of the best on the island.
  • The entire place is now a WiFi hotspot--- believe it or not!!
  • Julie, the owner's partner, also makes gorgeous jewelry by hand.


  • Accommodations are more expensive than elsewhere on the island.
  • Though delicious, locals say the barracuda on their menu is a conservational no-no.


  • Phone: 011-504-425-3270
    Website: www.jadeseahorse.com
  • Located on Cola de Mico Road. Just follow it inland from the Municipal Dock.
  • Rates: Accommodations at Nightland run $70 USD to $90 USD for a private cabin with two double beds.
  • Make sure to visit the bathroom, even if you don't have to go. Trust me.

Guide Review - The Jade Seahorse in Utila, Honduras

The Jade Seahorse on the island of Utila, Honduras, isn't just a restaurant. It's also a happening bar called Treetanic, a tree house shaped like a wooden ship wrecked in a mango tree canopy. And it's also a hotel called Nightland, consisting of several private cabins straight out of Alice's Wonderland.

The most staggering elements of The Jade Seahorse, however, are the spaces in between. The artist owner has spent years turning the verdant grounds into a marine-themed carnival of seashell mosaics, whirligigs, windmills, platforms, gazebos, bridges, pathways dotted with beach glass, everything gleaming and spinning merrily.

The restaurant itself is noteworthy, not just for its interior reminiscent of Joe's Crab Shack on hallucinogens, but for the tasty cuisine on its short menu. In fact, the non-alcoholic drink list is much longer than the list of food. Try the Grapefruit Crush, an icy concoction made from juice squeezed to order, and you'll find yourself sipping them in future island dreams.

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