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The Mango Inn in Utila, Honduras

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The Mango Inn in Utila Honduras

The Mango Inn in Utila Honduras

The Mango Inn, www.mango-inn.com

The Bottom Line

Although not beachfront (by far), the Mango Inn in Utila, Honduras offers an inviting island atmosphere, great meals, and a range of accommodations. The Mango Inn deserves its reputation as one of the most popular hotels on the entire island.


  • Great package deals for divers.
  • The Mango Inn's private location means less commotion and more privacy.
  • Delicious meals are just a few steps away.
  • Pay attention to the land crabs skittering across your path at twilight!


  • It's a moderately long walk to the beach.
  • Rooms without air conditioning can get pretty steamy!


  • Email: info@mango-inn.com
    Phone: (504) 425-3326
    Website: www.mango-inn.com
  • Contact Aquadream for all-inclusive packages:
    Email: info@aquadreams.com
    Phone: 1-888-322-DIVE
  • Inquire about PADI dive courses and packages at www.utiladivecentre.com.
  • To get to the Mango Inn, just follow the road inland from the Utila Island ferry dock.

Guide Review - The Mango Inn in Utila, Honduras

The Mango Inn in Utila, Honduras is teamed up with Utila Dive Center, one of the Utila's most highly regarded PADI-certified dive shops. Students who sign up for a Scuba diving course receive several nights free accommodation (shared bathroom). Experienced divers who book fun dives will love the terrific package deals.

The Mango Inn offers four different types of accommodations. Shared rooms—basically miniature dorms—are available for budget travelers. Private rooms and cabins are offered for those with more money to spend. But for those who desire a resort experience, private cottages complete with kitchens, cable, and screen verandahs are also available.

All the Mango Inn's wooden cabins and structures are polished to a golden glow. The pool’s cool waters are a refreshing contrast to the warm Caribbean and the sultry air. And because the hotel is surrounded by palms, it really is a quintessential tropical hideaway.

Even if you’re staying elsewhere on the island, a visit to the Mango Inn's restaurant, La Dolce Vita, is mandatory! Many meals feature ingredients straight out of the Caribbean, like the lobster ravioli, the paella, and the mixed seafood ceviche. If you’re not a seafood-lover, you’ll still adore the pizzas fired in the gigantic brick oven.

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